How to Display Items on Shelves

How to Display Items on Shelves

It is common to have everything you need to decorate space but how to do it becomes a challenge. Shelves are easy to decorate, and it only takes a few pointers to help you style your shelf like a pro. Here are some tips to get you started:


It is one of the most critical points to consider when decorating a shelf. All the decor pieces should have some form of symmetry irrespective of their weight, size or shape. You can achieve this by mixing different elements and grouping them evenly so that you don’t have one part of the shelf with noticeably bigger pieces than others.


A neutral palette always stands out, and you can centre your colour choices to a muted tone for all the decor pieces you will use. If you like colour, choose three of the primary colours that stand out from the rest of the room and use these on your shelf. It balances the aesthetic of the shelf to the rest of the room without looking too busy. For more ideas, you can visit for more tips.

Cluster Items

For smaller decor pieces, they look better grouped in clusters of three. For example, you can place three candles of different height together to create a balanced visual effect instead of arranging the same candles in a straight line. It applies to all knick-knacks and decor items that you have, even if they are not identical pieces. Placing them together breaks the monotony and allows you to be more creative on your shelf space.


It is essential to maintain a balance all over your shelving space. Decor pieces should be evenly spread out throughout the area while leaving sufficient blank spaces in between to prevent the shelf from looking overcrowded. Balance applies to height as it does to width. If your decor pieces are way smaller than your shelf height, consider giving them a lift by placing books to boost the height.

Minimalist Approach

Whether you are a minimalist or not, the less is more rule applies when it comes to displaying items on a shelf. Having too many things on a shelf makes it look overcrowded and, in some instances, might even look tacky. Having fewer outstanding pieces is more appealing than using many random bits that make it more complicated to style the shelf. Consider using fewer bold, large decor pieces and spread them evenly on your shelf space.